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As per Cardano’s software rules, there is a finite number of ADA, which is set at 45 billion. Moreover, as of June 2021, according to the CoinMarketCap, there are over 31.95B ADA in circulation. Thus, Cardano is in 12th position in the list of cryptocurrencies with the most coins. Such caps are considered to be one of the means to reduce the inflation rates of cryptocurrencies over time.

Binance has capped the BNB supply at 200 million tokens/coins. During the initial coin offering (ICO), 100 million Binance tokens were released to the public, while 20 million were allocated to angel investors and 80 million to the founding team- the current total supply is lower. Binance uses one-fifth of its profits to repurchase and permanently destroy, or "burn," the Binance coins held in its treasury. This act has frequently been performed every quarter, and it will continue to do so until it buys back and destroys 100 million Binance coins, 50% of the total supply.

Market Cap

As of 27 June 2021, the market cap is Rs. 3.0T.

Year Founded



Charles Hoskinson
Changpeng Zhao

Block Time

20 seconds
1 second

Mining Process

Although Cardano can't be mined, it can be staked because it is using the "Proof of Stake" system.

To mine Binance Coin using the Binance Pool, you have to log in to the official Binance Pool website and change to ETH in the upper right corner. On the Dashboard and Miner Management page, one can check its earnings and miner status. One can also use the Binance Pool App. Although it is possible to mine Binance Coin on a computer, it's advised to use an ASIC mining setup.

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