FAQs on SBI Credit Cards

FAQs on SBI Credit Cards

These are some of the frequently asked questions by customers related to SBI Credit Card. Alternatively, you can also chat with ILA to get to know some basic information. ILA is SBI Card’s Interactive Live Assistant which will give you with the most recent info on our products & services. You'll be able to chat with ILA to get info on Card features, benefits, services and much more.

  • How can I close my SBI credit card account?

You can write to SBI or call the customer care number and place a request for closure of your credit card account. Do keep in mind that you simply will be allowed to close your credit-card account given that all dues on the card are paid fully.

  • Can I be charged if I request for a Credit-card to be re-issued?

You'll be charged Rs.100 + applicable taxes if you request for a re-issue or a replacement of your credit card.

  • How long can it take for me to receive a re-issued credit-card?

It will take seven business days for you to receive your replacement card.

  • For how many hours during a day, the Customer-care line, 1800-22-1111 is available?

You can call this number from Monday to Saturday, between 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • Is there any way to register my grievance on the website?

You can visit https://igms.irda.gov.in/loginph.aspx and bring up your problems and queries.