Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card Statement Online

Kotak Mahindra Bank sends credit card statements to the users each month in order that they'll get a full report of how much they owe to the bank in the current month. Banks additionally provide to their client, e-statement that helps the customers to keep a tab on their credit-card expenses.

Kotak Mahindra credit card Statement is the overall summary of the expenditure made by using the credit card for a billing period. A billing statement is typically one to 2 pages long and contains info relating to your transactions, what proportion you paid last month, what payment you're needed to make and therefore the payment due date by which your payment should be received so as to avoid penalties.


 Ways to get Kotak Mahindra Credit-card Statement

You can receive your Kotak Mahindra Card Statement via each online and offline ways. Listed below are the various ways as well as the steps involved via which you'll get your credit card statement.


  • Kotak Net Banking
  • Mobile Banking


  • Customer Care
  • Post
  • Nearest Branch


Following are the methods described in detail:


  1. Kotak net banking
    • Click on ‘Net Banking’
    • Go to Credit Card
    • Click on ‘Statement’


  1. Mobile Banking
    • Log in to Mobile Banking
    • Go to Credit Card
    • Click on ‘Credit Card Statements’



  1. Customer Care

If you are not comfortable with any of the above method then you can call the customer care and they’ll guide though it.


  1. Post
    • You can also request to receive a hard copy of your credit card statement via post
    • The hard copy is sent to your residential address registered with the bank.


  1. Nearest Branch

You can also visit your nearest branch to get the hard copy of your statement.



These are some of the frequently asked questions(FAQs) by customers related to Kotak Mahindra Credit Card.