FAQs on American Express Credit Cards

FAQs on American Express Credit Cards

These are some of the frequently asked questions by customers related to AMERICAN EXPRESS Bank Credit Card.

  • Can I contact customer care to get my credit card statements for tax purposes?

Yes, you'll be able to call customer care to get your credit card statements for tax purposes. or else, you'll be able to download your statement from your net banking or mobile banking account.

  • How do I cancel my AMERICAN EXPRESS credit card?

You can simply delete your credit card account by calling customer care or sending an email to Customerservicesindia@aexp.com from your registered email id. Keep in mind that your card account will be closed given that you have got paid all outstanding dues on your card.

  • What do I do if my credit card isn’t working at some extent of sales terminal?

In such cases, first, confirm that you simply have entered the correct PIN and that the card has not expired. If there's no downside with regards to the PIN or the expiration date on the card, you'll be able to call customer care. Make sure that you place the call anytime between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

  • How do I modify my credit card PIN?

Your credit card comes with operating PIN that should be entered for all transactions. However, if you want to alter your PIN, you'll be able to do so by contacting the customer care requesting to change the PIN.

  • How am I able to change my credit card limit?

The credit card limit is allotted to you based on numerous factors like your credit score, credit utilization ratio, etc. However, you'll be able to request the current limit to be modified. To request for a rise or decrease within the limit, you'll be able to call the customer care number of the bank or log in to your web banking account and request for a change within the credit limit of your card.