Tata Credit Card Redeem Points

TATA offers the Shop-and-Smile program to all eligible TATA credit cardholders providing opportunities to earn rewards for each purchase transaction. The program has been designed to cater to the needs of every type of customer. Rewards can be earned from shopping, travel and other forms of transactions with a TATA Credit-Card. The reward points earned can be redeemed for gift vouchers, purchase of electrical supplies, accessories, and much more.


How to earn Credit Card Reward point?

Credit card reward points are rewards or perks offered by banks to a credit card customer each time the user spends on their credit card.


Methods to redeem TATA Credit-card reward point. 


You can redeem Empower Points at any participating Tata brand outlet. Just select a product or products of your choice, present the TATA card and instantly redeem the points. Make sure to swipe the Tata Card only on a Tata EDC machine for the redemption of Empower Points. 


One can redeem credit card reward points by using the customer care option. The customer care team will guide you with the redemption process.



These are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) by customers related to TATA Credit Card.