Standard Chartered Credit Card Redeem Points

Standard Chartered offers all eligible Standard Chartered credit card holders providing opportunities to earn rewards for each purchase transaction. The program has been designed to cater to the needs of every type of customer. Rewards can be earned from shopping, travel and other forms of transactions with a Standard Chartered Credit-Card. The reward points earned can be redeemed for gift vouchers, purchase of electrical supplies, accessories, and much more.


How to earn Standard Chartered Credit Card Reward point?

Credit card reward points are rewards or perks offered by banks to a credit card customer each time the user spends on their credit card.

Methods to redeem Standard Chartered Credit-card reward point.



  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking



  • Customer Care 


Following are the methods described in detail:



You can follow the below-mentioned steps for online point redemption through Internet Banking.

Online Banking

Step 1: Log in to Standard Chartered Online Banking
Step 2: Select the option “Online Rewards”
Step 3: Know the accumulated reward points on your credit card
Step 4: Follow the instructions to redeem the reward points


Mobile Banking

Step 1: Log in to SC Mobile
Step 2: From the menu select “Credit Card Rewards”
Step 3: Know the accrued reward points on your credit card
Step 4: Follow the instructions to redeem reward points 




One can redeem credit card reward points by using the customer care option. The customer care team will guide you with the redemption process.



These are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) by customers related to Standard Chartered Credit Card.