How to Apply for Credit Card

Posted by  Fintra , updated 2021-06-05

How to Apply for Credit Card

We have talked about how to pick credit cards and how can you improve credit scores. Now pondering how to get this plastic instrument in your wallet? Don’t worry, Fintra is here! In this blog post, Fintra will reveal the basic procedures involved in applying for the credit card you’ve chosen.

Credits card serves convenience alternative to cash while making transactions online and offline. With them, you can purchase accessories, groceries, travel & movie tickets, and some cards offer privileges of airport lounge access, 24x7 concierge assistance, etc. The funds spent on the card helps to rake in cashback, discounts, rewards, fuel surcharge waivers, and various other perks.

The other benefits of using credit cards include comfort, luxury, best-in-class services, freedom of shopping for anything anywhere, and much more. One another advantage is that you can sometimes continue to do purchases even if you don’t have adequate funds in your bank account, however, this is only possible if you are paying the credit card bills fully by the due date. The credit card transactions will come at zero extra cost.

                                                                Benefits of Credit Card

If you desire to thoroughly make the most of your credit card, you’ll first need to have the right card that suits your spending patterns, lifestyle, and needs. After you’ve done that, the final step is to apply for it and at Fintra, we’ll assist you to gain knowledge about the best credit cards available from India’s top banks and how to apply for them.

Topics include:

  1. How To Apply For a Credit Card?
  2. Credit Card Fees & Charges
  3. Eligibility & Documents Required
  4. Top Banks Offering Credit Cards in India
  5. How to Apply for Credit Cards at Fintra?


How To Apply For a Credit Card?

After studying all the credit cards and glancing at their benefits, the time arrives to apply for the desired credit card. Fortunately, in today’s world due to increased demands for credit cards, banks have designed the application process quite simpler for the customers. Now there are two ways to apply for credit cards- online and offline.

                                             How To Apply For a Credit Card

 Credit Card Fees & Charges

                                                                    Credit Card Fees


The two vital charges you will be required to pay for the credit cards are the joining fees and annual fees. Please also note that some cards have NIL joining fees, too. Along with these two charges, as a future cardholder, you must also know the other charges that include:

Eligibility & Documents Required

Banks that offer credit cards have their own set of eligibility criteria for availing a credit card. However, some of the basics include as follows:

With regards to the required documentation, they vary from bank to bank, however, the common key documents required at the time of applying for a credit card are as follows:

                                                                            ICICI Bank 

                             SBI BANK                                                           HDFC Bank

                Bank of Baroda                                                                                      CitiBank

    RBL Bank                                                                                                                AXIS Bank                              

                                         Top Banks Offering Credit Cards in India     

Yes Bank                                                                                                              kotak bank

               American express                                                                 standard Chartered

                                                 indusind bank             punjab national bank


How to Apply for Credit Cards at Fintra

At Fintra you can browse through various categories of credit cards, compare the credit cards that suit your spending requirements, and when satisfied you’ve to just click on the apply button! Now haven’t we made the whole process easy! If you require more assistance feel free to contact our team.